10 Hobbies You can do Forever

Feeling bored, uninterested, or even uninteresting? Picking up a hobby is an excellent way to spice up your life, become more interesting, and perhaps even develop a new passion. But where to get started? There are countless hobbies, and just about anything can be turned into a hobby, even extremely unusual things. If nothing simply jumps out at you, something you’ve always wanted to try, for instance, it might be hard to think of a hobby to pick up out of the blue. Have no fear, we’re hear to help.

One good place to start, in our opinion, are with hobbies that can easily last a lifetime. Don’t get us wrong, some of our favorite hobbies are sports and other activities that have intense physical requirements; however, it’s good to also have some hobbies you can continue to develop that don’t necessarily require you to be in tip-top physical shape. These are the hobbies that you can quite literally grow old with: if you start now, you’ll have them for the rest of your life.

1. Board Games

Board games, from classics like Chess and Backgammon to newer games like Settlers of Catan, are an entire class of hobbies that will entertain you for your entire life. When it comes to classic games like Chess and Backgammon, they truly exemplify the saying: “Minutes to learn, a lifetime to master”. That’s the kind of thing you want from a hobby.

2. Musical Instruments

Who doesn’t love a musician? Playing a musical instrument is an extremely fun hobby that almost anyone can start and continue throughout their entire life. There is also a tremendous amount of options; you’ll definitely find some instrument that catches your eye or suits your ears. It does take a bit of a commitment to get started: don’t expect to accomplish much the first few months, but sticking with it will be well worth the effort, and that effort will last you a lifetime.

3. Card Games

There’s nothing more cliche than four old people sitting at a table playing bridge, but there’s also nothing wrong with it! Card games aren’t only fun for seniors; the fact they are fun for seniors is a bonus. As long as you can hold a pack of cards in your hand, you can enjoy card games. Besides exercises your mental muscles, card games are usually played with others, getting you out of the house and exercising your social muscles as well.

4. Billiards

Not every game or sport is the kind you can go on playing forever, but billiards, for the most part, is. Games like pool and snooker, which emphasize skill over brawn, are fun, social, and enjoyable by people of all ages. It’s also pretty fun being able to whip out impressive pool table skills at the bar or a friends house.

5. Art

Being a serious art collector is a hobby few of us can afford, but making art itself a hobby is something everybody can enjoy. Whether you take up painting, sculpting, photography, or simply make going to a gallery or two a week part of your routine, you’ll be able to share in an activity enjoyed by millions around the world. Maybe you’ll even end up being quite good at it, which is quite attractive.

6. Cooking

Calling eating a hobby would be a bit of a stretch, but cooking sure is one, and you can eat what you cook! It’s not a hobby for everyone, but it is a hobby just about anyone can do. You can also make a healthier, cleaner lifestyle fit right in with this hobby. Or, show off your cooking skills to your friends, family, and love interest: everyone wants to know a good chef!

7. Working Out

Most sports eventually become a challenge as we age, but work outs can be easily adjusted as the miles start racking up on the odometer. What you do at the gym will change with time, but going to the gym doesn’t have to. The best part about turning working out into a hobby is that you get many added benefits: more strength, better looks, and better health.

8. Travel

Going to new places, interacting with new people, and experiencing other cultures is a great way to expand your horizons, become more interesting, and get out of a rut. Traveling isn’t the cheapest or easiest hobby logistically, but its rewards are priceless. Travel is one of those things nobody wants to give up, and unlike some other activities, age rarely stops us.

9. Performing Arts

Movies, musicals, plays, concerts, or any combination of the four can be your jam. Entertainment occupies a huge part of our life, making it a perfect thing to turn into a hobby. Also, as a largely spectator activity, it’s a relaxing hobby that you’ll likely never have to give up.

10. Reading

Cozying up in bed with a book isn’t just for children. Reading is a wonderful hobby that will be with you for life and improve your life. Whether you read fiction or non-fiction, reading will make you more interesting, knowledgeable, and improve your ability to communicate. It can also be quite fun! Plus, it’s so portable, you can do it virtually anywhere, which makes it a great hobby for those of us who are always on the go.

If there’s anything this article will have taught you it’s that almost anything can be considered a hobby. If there’s something you enjoy, or something you think you might enjoy, try turning it into more than a one off activity: turn it into a hobby. We gave you a handful of suggestions: timeless hobbies that will never grow old, but at the end of the day, the choice is yours.

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