14 Ways to Become More Interesting

You probably ended up here if you’re struggling to keep people interested, whether they be dates, friends, or co-workers. Even though rocket scientists are probably very interesting, you don’t need to be one to be a more interesting person. In fact, it’s never been easier to become more interesting. We are literally living in the information age. We are surrounded by it, bombarded by it, and can’t escape it. All you have to do is soak it up. Essentially, there are endless ways to become a more interesting person. The list is so endless, it might be overwhelming. To help get you started your path to becoming The Most Interesting Man in the World, here are 14 places to start.

1. Know current events

In today’s hyper-charged political climate, current events make their way into almost every conversation. Reading the news, both local, national, and international, and staying up to date on current events is a straightforward way to become a more interesting. The more you know about what’s happening the world, the more interesting things you will have to say about it.

2. Play trivia games

Just like current events, random factoids somehow creep into our daily lives on a regular basis. It’s virtually impossible to predict the kind of random knowledge that might be handy in a conversation, but playing trivia games will give you a glimpse of the kind of tidbits of information that excite and entertain.

3. Learn a musical instrument

a man playing a les paul

Besides being fun and cool, being able to play a musical instrument will make you more interesting. Humans are naturally curious about what they do not know. Musical instruments take dedication and patience to master, which is why few bother. And, the more you know that others do not, the more interesting you become.

4. Follow a new sport

A large swatch of our social lives revolve around sports and entertainment. The more you know about more sports, the more conversations you can fluently jump into, and the more you can contribute to your peers who may be seeing a game on tv at the bar but not really know what’s happening.

5. Know pop-culture

Similar to sports, pop culture pervades almost every minute of our social lives. While it’s natural to discount much pop-culture as vapid nonsense, the fact of the matter is hundreds of millions of people immerse themselves in it every day. Being up to speed on the latest happenings is useful if you want to be more interesting.

6. Collect something

When we were kids, collecting things like stamps and coins used to be reserved mostly for “nerds”. However, in adulthood, collecting is often considered cool. Also, when you collect something, you typically know a great deal about it. Knowledge is sexy, powerful, and of course, interesting.

7. Learn a sport

image of many sports

You don’t have to be a passive follower to be more interesting through sport: playing a sport will make you more interesting as well. Playing a sport will give you intimate insight and knowledge that’s hard to attain by being a spectator. It’s also an convenient conversation topic for dates: almost everyone will ask you what you do for fun. Not sure which? Any will do: for example, we just wrote about starting a combat sport here.

8. Learn to cook

Cooking has come a long way since our early ancestors used it solely for sustenance and nutrition. If you had any doubts as to whether cooking is interesting, look no further than the Food network and the millions who watch it. Learning to cook also comes with health and money saving benefits to boot.

9. Read novels

Being interesting isn’t only about knowing a lot, it’s also about how you communicate that knowledge. Reading novels helps with both aspects. Classic novels are not only interesting material for discussion in their own right, they are also a master class in communication which can be applied in everyday life.

10. Movies, plays, and music

Reading isn’t for you? Or even if it is, take your interest level up another notch by keeping up with movies, plays, and music. Not only is watching movies or plays, and listening to music fun, it’ll give you hours of interesting conversation with a wide range of people.

11. Learn Basic Personal Finance

Getting your house in order is not the only benefit of being financially literate. As you get older, the mundane topics of financial markets, taxes, mortgages, loans, and credit card rewards start to creep into everyday conversation. Knowing the basics of personal finance will help you save money, make money, and make you more interesting.

12. Go to Museums

It might sound cliche, but if you want to be more cultured, going to museums really does help get you there. Hit up the famous museums in your nearest big city and check out a special limited time exhibit. You’ll have a lot to talk about, and you just might enjoy your time there as well.

13. Revisit your favorite subjects in school

Who says you have to stop learning after high school or college? If your major was really interesting, why stop exploring it? Today you can delve deeper into any subject with the click of a mouse or tap of a screen. Going above and beyond might have made you come off as a nerd growing up, but in the adult world, it’s cool, and interesting.

14. Always be curious

By this point, you’ve undoubtedly realized how easy it is to become more interesting. We gave you 13 ideas so far, but it’s clear we could have given you 130 without too much difficulty. Knowing more about virtually anything will make you more interesting. But, to know more, you need to want to know more: you need to be curious. If you’re always curious, you will naturally become more interesting without even having to think about it.

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