Affordable Jackets With Style

If you’re going out in jacket weather, having a fashionable jacket is a necessity. Not every venue has a coat check, and it’s not always easy to separate yourself from your coat. That means you may not only be wearing your jacket outside where you may not be trying to impress anybody, but inside, where it can make a big difference in your overall look.

Unfortunately, too many fashionable options are expensive. But, a nice fashionable jacket doesn’t have to be. There are many cheap jackets that look good and keep you warm. Here are some of our favorites:

Eddie Bauer Men's CirrusLite Down Jacket

The Eddie Bauer CirrusLite Down Jacket is an affordable take on the ubiquitous puffer jacket. Comfy, stylish, and very affordable, this jacket can easily fulfill the “puffer jacket” fashion requirement. Available in multiple colors, we suggest black, atlantic blue, or smoke for maximum versatility.

Levi's Men's Washed Cotton Hooded Military Jacket

Looking for a more grungy or hipster vibe than the “new classic” puffer jacket? The Levi’s Washed Cotton Hooded Military Jacket is a great affordable option. It’ll keep you warm but is still form fitting enough to not look completely out of place indoors. The hood is also zip-out which gives you both dual looks and dual functions.

TACVASEN Men's Lightweight Bomber Jacket

Made famous by European Air Forces, the Bomber crept into the fashion scene throughout the 50s and 60s continuing to grow in popularity. Top Gun sure didn’t hurt. The TACVASEN Men’s Bomber is lightweight, stylish, and functional– zippers and pockets abound. It’s also one of the cheapest options in this round-up– you can probably get both this and another one without breaking the bank. It’s available in multiple colors, though we recommend sticking to dark options.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Smooth Lamb Faux Leather Bomber

No jacket list is complete without a take on the classic leather jacket. Still alive and kicking after its introduction to the fashion world in the 1920s (once again, taken from the military), you can’t go wrong with a stylish leather jacket, and your wardrobe could benefit from one even if it’s not your go-to option. Not into leather for environmental or animal rights reasons? No problem–this one is faux leather, both cheaper, and animal rights conscious.

Jackets can be an expensive proposition, but they don’t have to be. Most of the options above can easily be had for under $100 (check the current prices with the links above) and look just as good as jackets that go for $500, $1000, or even more. You can still get a cheap jacket that looks good!

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