Does Money Matter For Dating?

A huge source of stress for many men is the impact of wealth on dating. The fact of the matter is, most people are not wealthy. And for many people, money is a source of significant friction in their lives. Images of old ugly men with money parading around the social elites with a super model in each arm only add to the stress.

But, does money actually matter when it comes to dating? And if so, how much does it matter? The answers are yes, money does actually matter, but probably not as much as you think. And as you’ll see when you keep reading, it’s less about the money than certain things the money enables (but can often be enabled in other ways). Let’s get into it.

Money Does Matter

Let’s dispense with the wishful thinking. Money matters. Can you be successful with women if you’re broke? Of course you can. But it’s easier if you’re rich. The reason isn’t because actual physical cash is attractive, the reasons are that, first, money is an enabler, second, money is a provider, and lastly, money is a measuring stick.

Money the Enabler

Money isn’t valuable in and of itself. It’s value stems from it’s value in exchange–what you can exchange money for, such as buying goods and services. These goods and services you can buy with money enable you to do many things.

For instance, you can increase your attractiveness by using money to buy the best looking clothes, get the best hair cuts and join the best gym and get a personal trainer. You can also use money to increase your attractiveness to buy time– if you’re so wealthy you don’t need to work, you can invest that time improving yourself in ways others cannot, for instance, learning a new hobby or perfecting an attractive skill–you can use money to buy time, and use time to become more interesting. (Read about some ideas on how to do that here).

You can also use money to do fun attractive activities with women, such as travel in luxury, dine at fancy restaurants, and attend expensive social events.

Furthermore, most people with money also, our of necessity, develop knowledge in and around money management–they can become more interesting (and hence attractive) from the basic steps they take simply to manage the wealth they have.

These are just a few examples of the ways money can be an enabler–helping you not only appear more attractive, but also become more attractive.

Money the Provider

From an evolutionary standpoint, women seek two main qualities in men: reproductive, and provider. In the modern day and age, money is one of the most powerful metrics with which one can provide comfort and security. Money can quite directly impact both the odds children will survive and thrive. This is why, from an evolutionary point of view, it makes sense that money should be attractive to women on not only a conscious but also subconscious level.

A wealthy partner means a myriad of things, such as:

  • Food on the table
  • Shelter and security
  • Education and advancement (putting offspring in position to succeed)
  • Improved access to health services
  • Potential ability to dedicate more time to nurturing kids (versus say, working)

Many of these things are extremely important not only to women who are specifically looking to settle down, but to all women, given the subconscious desire for both someone with good reproductive traits but also good provider traits.

Money the Measuring Stick

The last main benefit of money is that it acts as a measuring stick. For better or worse, wealth is a measure of success when no other measure exists, and success is an attractive quality. Why is wealth a measure of success? It’s simple: success can be measured in many ways for many different endeavors; however, not everyone knows enough about each individual area of expertise to be able to measure success by that areas appropriate measures. So, we resort to a few simple ones: money, and fame.

When a woman sees that a man is wealthy, she will often assume that he is also successful, and success is the attractive feature, not the zeros in the bank account.

Tackle the Source

Now that you have an idea why money matters you can see why it isn’t nearly as a big a deal as you may think. Money has no intrinsic value to women on its own–but it symbolizes and suggests a man possesses certain attributes. So, how do you get around having money? Simple–you demonstrate that you possess the same attributes someone wealthy may have.

Of course, it’s easier said than done, but it’s definitely very doable. We’ll cover how to do that soon.

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