Magnetic Messaging Review

With the explosion of internet dating and swiping, Bobby Rio and Rob Judge’s pioneering “text game” system, Magnetic Messaging is more relevant than ever. A step-by-step texting guide for everyone from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners, Magnetic Messaging will show you how to maximize your interactions with women, whether they be through traditional text, snap, dating apps, or even in person. The book doesn’t just stop at texting and the first date, a good amount is devoted to the second date and beyond. A must have for anyone serious about improving their dating life.







  • Hugely relevant to today’s environment
  • Focuses on more than just texting
  • Good for beginners and advanced pick up artists
  • Easy to understand
  • Many actionable examples
  • Unbeatable value
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Some techniques require practice if a humor based approach doesn’t immediately click with you.
  • Avoiding becoming a text buddy is addressed, but could be emphasized more.

The Key-Lock Sequence

Despite advertising itself as a “phone-game” book, Magnetic Messaging takes you through the entire seduction journey starting with the very first message. Often times, especially with dating apps, that will literally be your very first interaction. That’s right, it goes from sending your first text all the way to planning first dates, second dates, and more.

All the sections are fruitful and useful, but the prize of Magnetic Messaging is the “Key-Lock Sequence”.

The “Key-Lock Sequence” is how you’ll learn to do the most important part of phone-game, text-game, and online game — get her out on a real life date!

This three step process is one of the most successful methods for going from a number to a date. This is easier said than done–some of the top pick up artists estimate that they only manage to convert 10% of the numbers they get into actual dates. You’ll want to be batting more than .100 and the Key-Lock Sequence will help you get there.

All in all, Magnetic Messaging Covers:

Principles of Phone Game

The principles and theory of phone game are covered in the first section–which Rob Judge likens to making a pizza. This section is solid and crucial to make the most out of the rest of the e-book.

Getting Her on a Date

The second section shows you how to get her out on an actual date, and includes all the Key Lock Sequence explanation in depth. It also contains a large troubleshooting section–since not all dating arrangements go according to plan.

First Date and Beyond

As we mentioned before, Bobby and Rob don’t just stop at text to date. They actually spend nearly half the e-book showing you how to handle yourself on the first date so you can get a second date… or more! Everything from keeping things interesting, keeping things sexual, and knowing when to call versus text are covered.

Q & A and Bonus Content

Additionally, Magnetic Messaging includes a robust Q&A section as well as a section on avoiding common phone mistakes. There’s also some great bonus content including the 99 best texts of all time which you can immediately start integrating into your game.


Brought to you by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, who I have personally witnessed in action for over a decade, Magnetic Messaging is the culmination of years of experience which I can attest to first hand. If you want to improve your text game, phone game, or online dating success, Magnetic Messaging is a must have.

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