Mastery is Attractive

We all know women are attracted to celebrities, movies stars, musician, athletes, leaders, and CEOs. What we may not be fully aware of is why they are attracted to these people. In addition to all the reasons we do know–such as wealth and power, there is another reason women are attracted to these men. And it has nothing to do with wealth or power. It’s mastery. Women are attracted to people who demonstrate mastery.

In the context of dating and general interpersonal relationships, being the master of a craft is attractive. Mastery is the term we’ll use to describe being significantly better than average, or possessing significantly above average skill, at a particular craft or activity. When it comes to our famous movie star, musician, or athlete, their mastery is obvious. It’s also typically paired with wealth, power, and influence. However, even if it were not, it would still be attractive.

Mastery is attractive “on its own”

It is a common belief that mastery is only attractive due to the results it brings in–a movie star brings in fame and money, an athlete the same, a politician, power. However, this is not the case. Mastery is attractive on its own. The mere fact that someone is a master of something is attractive. What it is matters much less than you may think. The objective measure of this mastery may matter less than you may think. Same with the level of mastery. The truth is, a more accurate term for what we aim to describe is “being much better than average”.

That’s right, the bar of what might be considered attractive by women is surprisingly low. You can be a master at spinning bottles upside down, or juggling tennis balls, and if you play your cards right you can make those seemingly worthless skills a turn on to a woman of interest.

What’s even better is that not only is mastery an attractive trait–it is one of the most attractive traits. Granted, what you are a master of does make a difference. The more competitive the field, and the more extraneous rewards come from your mastery, the more attractive it is. Though again, it is not necessarily because of the reward (usually financial), it is because the reward indicates a high level of mastery!

Becoming a Master is easy

A corollary of the observations above is that it’s also relatively easy to become a master–if very few people are doing something, then it’s easy to become significantly better than average. What’s even better is that there are so many things that most men don’t do at all, that simple doing them makes you better than average, and doing them even decently well makes you a ‘master’ as far as she is concerned.

There’s a good chance you are already a master at something and haven’t even realized it. A hobby, for example. An musical instrument. An artistic ability or skill. Heck, even if you make really good steaks you can turn that into mastery and make that attractive.

So if you want to attract better women, go out there, and become a master. It’s easier than you think.

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