Q&A: Coronavirus, Dating, Fitness

Welcome to our second Q&A piece. The coronavirus and it’s impacted on all things dating and lifestyle dominate this mailbag. If you have questions, you can e-mail us at

How am I Supposed to Date with Coronavirus Going on/While Social Distancing?

Perhaps the most common question floating around is how are we supposed to date when we’re either practicing social distancing by choice or by necessity. The answer is simple: you don’t. At least not in the conventional sense.

Actual physical real life dating, meeting up with someone you don’t know (and hence don’t know their health status) during the Coronavirus pandemic is a risk to your health and the health of others. Simply put, don’t risk it.

With that said, you can still keep women you’re interested in “warm” throughout this period of “social distancing” and/or isolation. The key is keeping contact through text and, depending on what stage of a relationship you’re in, video chat (FaceTime, Skype, etc.). You’ll want to maintain contact this way. Don’t text every day for the most part, but make sure you check in and keep in contact, because everyone will be dying to get out of the house once it’s safe and responsible to do so.

We’ll write about “text game” at a later date, but if you aren’t sure how to keep her warm through messages, the text messaging bible, Magnetic Messaging, written by my good friend Rob Judge is a great place to start.

Is there any point swiping during the Coronavirus pandemic?

If you’ve already made contact, you should maintain contact via text game (or snap, DM, messenger, or any other messaging platform). However, what if you haven’t even connected yet? Is there really any point, when we’re supposed to be practicing “social distancing” to bother swiping?

There are various views out there on this matter, but in my opinion, the answer is no, there is little benefit to swiping except a bare minimum to maintain an active account while your community is being impacted by the Coronavirus. Here’s why:

Maintaining an active account has some benefits, so it could be worth swiping once or twice every couple of days. (Though even that is not necessarily that valuable). However, it is well known that the larger a delay between initial contact and meeting, the less chance the meet will ever happen.

This isn’t always the case–I met an ex for the first time months after we had initially matched–circumstances just led to that being the situation. But, typically speaking, if you don’t meet within a week of or two (at most) of matching, it’s unlikely you’ll ever meet.

Given most coronavirus imposed shutdowns are likely lasting for a least two weeks from the time of this writing, if not more, the odds of meeting anyone you match with at this stage is quite low. It would be much better to not swipe so that when you do connect (even if they swiped you), it will be closer to a time when you can actually meet and not just text. Save your matches for closer to when quarantines, social distancing, and coronavirus pandemics are a thing of the past.

How do I stay in shape during the coronavirus pandemic without going to the gym?

Fitness during the current state of affairs is quite a challenge! Fortunately, unlike dating which pretty much requires social contact, fitness doesn’t. Staying in cardio shape can involve going for a run if allowed in your area. There are other indoor options as well: jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and maybe even jump rope if you don’t have neighbors underneath you.

Building muscle is more of a challenge. Without access to heavy weights, it’s more difficult for anyone but a beginner to build significant muscle. The good news is some less efficient exercises might be enough to maintain your bulk until you can go to a proper gym. Do various forms of push-ups, potentially with a backpack filled with “heavy items” to increase the resistance for upper body. For lower body, do wall sits, squats, an lunges with no weight.

I heard that [Insert myth of choice] can protect me from Coronavirus?

I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure other than washing your hands and avoiding other people as much as possible, there’s no secret cure or treatment for coronavirus.

What’s a good hobby to pick up during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Learn a musical instrument, like the electric guitar. We wrote about it here. Other ideas include trying to pick up a foreign language, playing some video games (yep, it’s ok in dire circumstances!), or maybe learn a life skill, such as coding, or cooking (which is quite handy nowadays!)

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