Q&A: Dating, Hobbies, and More

Welcome to our first ManOnPoint Q&A, where we answer some common questions from our readers and others regarding a wide variety of topics. If you have any questions you want to ask us, email us at

When should I text to confirm a date?

We recommend always texting the day of to confirm. If you are worried that you’re going to appear to needy doing it, make a tiny change to the plan to disguise your question. For example, instead of: “Hey, are we still on for 8pm?” Say something like: “Hey, might be running a bit behind tonight so can we say 8:15?”. However, most people, especially first dates you’ve never met will appreciate a conformation text the day of.

What’s the easiest musical instrument to learn?

There’s no easy answer to this question, no pun intended. However, we find the guitar, either electric or acoustic to be one of the easier instruments to learn. It might not be the easiest technically, but the combination of ease with abundance of really good online resources make it our pick for easiest instrument to learn.

What hobbies impress women the most?

Every woman is different, so there’s no set answer. However, we’ve noticed that women are impressed by men who have an artistic ability: anything from playing a musical instrument to painting, or a physical ability: for example, men who play/have played a sport at a high level. But, that doesn’t mean other hobbies aren’t impressive–just about anything you’re really good at is impressive to a degree.

What pants do I wear if I have big legs?

If you’re an athlete or bodybuilder, you’ve probably found that it isn’t easy to fit into some of the more stylish pant options. We recommend wearing a little bit more relaxed fit pants, or better yet, pants with a small % of spandex in them. Tight fitting pants are in, and if you have big muscular legs they actually work even better stylistically.

How do I workout from home?

Working out from home is not as efficient as working out at the gym. However, we realize you can’t always make it to the gym. The best way to workout at home is to get a good set of adjustable dumbbells.

How do I know if a first date went well?

When it comes to first dates, physical escalation is the best way to tell, though it isn’t foolproof. If you kissed, or were more intimate, there’s a good chance it went well. However, once again, it’s no guarantee. Furthermore, even if you didn’t “do anything”, the date could have still gone really well. One way to gauge is by the length of the date and whether or not she agreed to extend the date, or didn’t take an opportunity to leave the date. If you want a foolproof method of knowing? Ask her out again!

Should I leave a voicemail?

No. You should almost never leave a voicemail if you decide to call a woman and she didn’t pick up. Leaving a voicemail puts the ball in her court so to speak: you are now dependent on her calling you back or you’ll appear needy trying again. If you insist on speaking to her on the phone as opposed to texting, hang up, see if she calls you back, and if not, try again at some point. If that feels too uncomfortable, instead of a message, text her that you will try her back another time. Keep the ball in your court.

I’m losing my hair, when should I shave my head?

If you are one of our readers you know we advocate shaving your head if you’re going bald. The bald look is in, or at least it’s more in than any other option. Our advice is to start shaving your head, at the latest, when the hair you have in the front is no longer framing your face well. A good test of this is taking a selfie with flash. If your hair looks way thinner than it does in a flash photo than in the mirror, consider shaving it all off. Some men are fine with a bald spot on the crown if their hairline is intact. However, if your hairline is receding and you’re starting to bald on the crown, shave it all off.

I am on the spectrum / have some mental condition, can I still succeed with women?

Yes. We’ll have a whole article on this, but the gist of it is (a) there’s a good chance you’ve diagnosed yourself on WebMD and nothing is actually wrong with you, and (b) even if you were diagnosed by a trained mental health professional, the general solution is to replace the instinct and intuition you do not have with repetition and practice.

I’m short, should I lie about my height on my online dating profile?

Add one inch to your height at most. Within an inch, very few women will notice. More than that will get you more dates, but they won’t go well: you’ve showed yourself to be dishonest right off the bat, not a great way to get women interested in you. The whole idea of “getting them on the date at all costs” and then try to fix / “seduce” them in person typically does not work well when you’ve lied to get them out.

I’m a beginner who wants to put on some muscle mass, what program should I use?

There are countless programs out there. We’ll cover a few of them in later articles but they all follow pretty much the same protocol: Lift heavy weight, eat a lot, and sleep a lot. If you do those three things, you’ll put mass on in no time.

Why do you only write dating advice for men seeking women?

Right now, that’s where we have the most expertise. We don’t have any writers with enough experience in other dating situations (men seeking men, women seeking men, women seeking women) to feel we can give good actionable advice we know works for most people. When we expand our staff we plan on adding some content to address the dating dynamics we don’t cover at the moment.

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