Style Spotlight: Kangol Tropic 507

If you’re a hat guy, you are going to want some variety for your head. A baseball cap works great but it isn’t the only option. The classic Newsboy Cap is a must have if you’re regularly wearing hats, and our favorite is the Kangol Tropic 507, the newer, sleeker version of the classic Kangol 504 that’s been around since 1954.

Kangol, one of Bollman Hat’s brands, is a super popular hat brand you likely recognize from their kangaroo logo. Their newsboys are especially popular–with the Kangol 504 being a market leader for decades. They are a solid mid-tier brand with great quality at an affordable price.

Featured above the 507 Ventair in Black

The Kangol 507 is a more modern take on the classic Newsboy cap. It features a tighter peak than the traditional newsboy (like the 504) and fits a little more snugly–more like a baseball cap than a traditional newsboy which we find more comfortable and easier to wear well. The brim is also shorter which gives it a more sleek modern look in our opinion.

Above you can see the two side by side–the tighter look is not only better in our opinion, it’s also easier to keep the hat in place. After all, when you’re wearing a hat you aren’t going to be adjusting it all the time, and the baseball cap fit of the 507 keeps things looking good even when you’re moving about.

In terms of styles, it comes in a multitude of colors, sizes (from small to extra extra large for some) and styles–the Ventair–pictured earlier in black and above on the model in beige–is the classic knit style we like best. There is also the ‘Cap’ style, with very visible seams along the sides and brim, and the ‘Rib’ style:

The Tropic 507 Rib Style

Despite moving most production overseas throughout the past decade, quality has remained strong, especially for the price–only $44 at the time of this writing–see the current price now here.

At the end of the day, our verdict is straightforward–If you want a newsboy but are concerned it’s a bit too old fashioned, the Kangol 507 is the perfect option. It’s priced right, looks right, and feels right.


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