Style Spotlight: Tissot Men’s Tradition Chronograph

The Style Spotlight is where we highlight a particular brand, product, or products that are truly best in class, especially from a value perspective, but despite this, haven’t received the spotlight we feel they deserve. Today we take a look at a fashion watch, The Tissot T063.617.16.037.00.

A luxury timepiece is a high-end accessory sure to grab attention from men and women alike. However, a typical high-end watch can run well over ten thousand dollars, a price tag far out of reach for many. The good news is fashion watches can go a long way to mimic the look and feel of a high end timepiece at a fraction of the cost.

While the finishes, movement, quality, and scarcity of a fashion watch do not compare to high end offerings, the good ones do a great job competing on aesthetics. One fashion watch that caught our eye in particular is the Tissot T063.617.16.037.00 Tradition Chronograph.

A Beautiful Balance

The Tissot Tradition Chronograph strikes a perfect balance between simple elegance and complication.

The timeless silver colored face of this gem reminds us of high end offerings from Jaeger LeCoultre and IWC. We love that it features standard chronograph complications but avoids over the top gaudy features like fake tourbillions or full skeleton displays that are devoid of meaning when part of a fashion watch. It does have a 42mm case diameter which is on the large side, but large faces are in, and while the size might be in the yellow zone, it’s not in the red.

The leather band with croc-like features makes this a suitable watch for most occasions and style pairings: everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a three piece suit; though the default brown strap might not be considered formal enough for a very traditional black tie situation.

A Fashion Watch With A History

Another great thing about the Tissot Tradition Chronograph is that unlike many fashion watchmakers, Tissot is a well regarded Swiss manufacturer credited with significant innovation in the world of horology such as the first mass produced pocket watch and first two timezone pocket watch. A big part of the value of watches is related to the history and historical significance of the manufacturer–with a Tissot you get a piece of that historical significance without the associated cost, often in the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

This one featured? Typically it’ll run you a few hundred dollars–it’s a perfect entry level watch for the enthusiast who isn’t quite ready to splurge thousands on a luxury timepiece with a mechanical (non-battery operated) movement.

Features and Specs

  • 42mm x 11mm stainless steel case
  • Sapphire dial window
  • Quartz movement, LR44 Battery
  • Leather band
  • Water resistant to 30m
  • Swiss Made
  • Chronograph, Timer, Date

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tissot rank as a manufacturer?

Tissot is considered a mid-range manufacturer. As previously mentioned, the brand has a long history and horological significance; however, their typical offering is a mass market quartz movement based fashion watch. This puts them, in our view, near the very top when it comes to fashion watch manufacturers.

I have large wrists, is a 42mm case big enough?

42mm is a pretty large face and should be sufficiently large for almost any wrist. If anything, some men with very thin wrists may find 42mm a little bit too big; but we think the size works for just about everyone.

Can I really go swimming with this watch?

Watch water resistance ratings are slightly misleading in our opinion. The resistance rating is tested under static pressure conditions that do not replicate the reality of swimming with a watch. You should not go swimming with this watch for both this reason and the fact that it features a leather strap which is not water resistant, except for occasional splashes and rain.

What is a chronograph?

Chronograph is a fancy word for a combination regular watch and “stop watch”. Nowadays with quartz movements, having stop watch precision isn’t much of a feat. However, in the past, chronograph movements were extremely difficult to get right, hence the prestige (and cost) associated with luxury chronographs.

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