The Best Beard Oils For Your Beard

If you’ve grown a beard you know that growing the beard is the easy part. The hard part is caring for it. Beards require maintenance much like the hair on your head. The hair can get dry, frizzy, and split. Your beards growth can be uneven and require regular trimming. Your skin underneath can dry out and flake, or get irritated in general.

One of the ways you can help keep your beard and the skin underneath in tip-top shape is to apply beard oil regularly. Applying beard oil at least once, if not twice a day can help keep it looking crisp and neat. Furthermore, beard oil helps moisturize the skin underneath your beard, helping to prevent unwanted dryness and flakiness.

Bottom line, if you’re thinking of taming the hair on your face and underlying skin, you’ll want to start using beard oil. Here are our favorite beard oils.

1. Viking Revolution Beard Oil

Our top pick for most beards is the Viking Revolution Beard Oil. With only two ingredients, both oils (including jojoba) this 100% organic natural choice gets down to brass tacks: oils and nothing else. The neutral smell (no added fragrance) is a big plus, and the longevity of the oil, many only need it once a day, is top notch. It’s also quite reasonably priced.

2. Ranger Beard Oil

A close second, the Ranger Beard Oil has the same core ingredients as the Viking Revolution but not only is it 100% organic, it’s also non-GMO and vegan. With both Jojoba and Argan oil, you’re getting pretty much the same quality as the near unanimous favorite, the Viking Revolution, our only knock is the price, which runs a fair amount higher than the Viking.

3. Mountaineer WV Timber Beard Oil

If you’ve got a big beard that needs 5,6, 7 or even 8 drops per use, Mountaineer’s Beard Oil could be right for you. It is scented, but most find the smell quite pleasant. It’s made up of 6 different oils but does not include Jojoba oil, which is the gold standard beard oil ingredient. However, if price is of any concern, Mountaineer cannot be beat. At the end of the day, most pure oil beard oils are quite similar in effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beard Oil

How do I use beard oil?

To use beard oil, put 2 to 3 drops (or more if you have a large beard) of oil in your hands, spread it around your hands and work it into your beard in a comb like motion using your fingers. Make sure it’s evenly spread; some recommend using an actual comb for finishing touches.

When is the best time to apply beard oil?

As with most moisturizing agents, it’s best to use beard oil shortly after you wash your face or get out of the shower. Apply either once in the morning after a shower or twice a day, once in the morning and once before you go to bed, though be wary of beard oil getting in your pillow.

How much of a difference between beard oils is there really?

The jury is still out on quantifying the benefits of higher end beard oils with jojoba or essential oils and botanicals. However, we find that customers are happier with beard oils containing jojoba and the price difference is typically quite minor: beard oil isn’t expensive.

How long a beard do I need to apply beard oil?

The longer the beard, the more you need beard oil. Generally, we recommend beard oil for any beard that can no longer be confused with “stubble” or “scruff”. If there’s any chance you’ve got a beard and not just some facial scruff, try applying beard oil.

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