The Obsession Method Review

In a male dominated dating coach industry, The Obsession Method is one of the few dating methods developed by a female dating coach. The writer, Kate Spring, combined her experience as a dating coach for men with her first hand knowledge of how women think and Harvard psychological research to develop the Obsession Method, by far our top dating product developed by a woman coach.

A complete system which covers the key pillars of success with women: Approach, Attract and Seduce, in addition to next steps–how to secure her once you’ve “got” her, The Obsession Method is a great pick if you’re looking to really get into the minds of women and improve your dating life through a stronger psychological understanding of seduction.






  • Complete system from start to finish
  • Plenty of examples
  • Original content
  • Advanced techniques and “tricks”
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Slightly more costly than competition

A Complete System

Like some of our other top rated dating guides, The Obsession Method is a comprehensive program that is great for beginners and for some advanced practitioners looking to mix up their game. The e-book is organized in straightforward easy to follow chronological steps:

  • Approach
  • Attract
  • Seduce
  • Secure

Kate’s system relies is heavily psychological–it takes advantage of “loopholes” and other mind tricks to increase your odds with women you’re interested in. However, it doesn’t solely depend on cheap tricks and hacks–the fundamentals of attraction, dating, and seduction, such as body language, are extensively covered. As a matter of fact, part of what makes the system effective is it’s blend of body language and Harvard based psychological research.

Additionally, as indicated, The Obsession Method covers more than just seduction–“securing”. If you want a girlfriend, you need to learn how to do more than just attract women. That’s where the “secure” section of the ebook comes into play. An afterthought in may dating guides, The Obsession Method gives this section the attention it deserves.

Unique Insight and Unique Content

As a woman in a sea of men, Kate can leverage both her experience as a dating coach for men and her personal knowledge of, you know, being a woman, to give unique insight that is hard for the typical male dating coach to compete with. The value of these unique insights permeate the system.

Some examples include:

  • Precision Tactics
  • Story Mode
  • Subliminal 3’s
  • Marriage Man
  • Desire Protocol

The techniques in The Obsession Method, while still backed by solid dating fundamentals differ from many of the things you may see in other products. This makes The Obsession Method a handy addition to any mans’ dating arsenal–more perspectives are almost always better.

Bonus Material

In addition to the core e-book, The Obsession Method comes with a video course and several other shorter e-books, including one on how to make her approach you which I really liked and then some others on how to amp up the intimacy and take things to the next level, physically.

Overall, a solid amount of bonus material, though I would have preferred if less of it was focused on the later stages of seduction and a little more on the “early” and “mid” game.


For a complete system that strays from the norm but still maintains a solid fundamental underpinning, look no further than The Obsession Method by Kate Spring. A great option for beginners and a different perspective for advanced guys, overall, a worthy addition to your dating advice repertoire.

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