The Tao of Badass Review


A classic dating guide series, the Tao of Badass is a great way for beginners to take their dating game to the next level. Tao excels at covering concepts and theoretical underpinnings of the key principles of dating and seduction. Both the book, but especially the member section include practical examples you can apply in real life, as soon as you’re ready.







  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Covers most of the core principles of dating and seduction.
  • Does a great job explaining dating concepts and theory in easy to understand ways.
  • A comprehensive guide — The Tao of Badass goes through every step from attraction to relationships, including everything in between.
  • Huge amount of bonus material and a great members’ section


  • Short on novel or unique concepts — focuses on the meat and potatoes of seduction.
  • Won’t take advanced practitioners to the next level, but it’s a good refresher and reference.
  • Skewed more towards theory than practical examples, though some are included.

A Blueprint for Dating Success

Joshua Pellicer’s Tao of Badass is a classic dating guide that’s been around and withstood the test of time. Drawing upon his personal experiences going from as he describes it a “trailer park loser” to a stud and his passion for psychology, Josh created the Tao of Badass– a blueprint of attraction, comfort building, seduction, and relationship development.

The core concepts in the book come together through the ‘Map of Interaction’. This is the blueprint and it covers the key steps you need to take to get the woman of your dreams: attract, build rapport, seduce, and manage the relationship. Josh takes you through the process with an emphasis on the theory and understanding why certain approaches work while others do not.

Among the concepts covered as Josh takes you through his dating blueprint include:

Body Language Advice

The Tao of Badass excels at taking on one of the most important aspects of male-female interactions: body language. Everything from how to appear more dominant (Josh is only 5’7″ and 140lbs) to how to play the “push-pull” game with body language are covered. The bonus sections include videos and even more content on body language.

Compliance + Congruence Tests

Women are constantly testing you, and an area where beginners regularly fail is both identifying and passing these tests. The two main types of hoops women have guys jump through are compliance tests and congruence tests. Men constantly fail compliance tests by appearing too needy, and often fail congruence tests by being inconsistent in their behaviors. Josh covers these topics and provides examples on how to pass these basic tests–however, the examples are more for beginners just to get their feet wet–not more advanced solutions.

Masculine Energy

Sometimes, the common sense concept that women are attracted to men who possess “masculine energy” is lost upon us in today’s time, which rightfully in our opinion, emphasize gender equality and women’s empowerment. Despite this, Josh doesn’t shy away discussing gender roles and their place in seduction.


Progressing from the theme of masculinity, the Tao of Badass takes a deep dive into confidence–how to build it, and how to express it.

There’s a lot more to the core offering, including coverage of some very common dating mishaps beginners especially make. However, one of the great things about The Tao of Badass is the sheer amount of bonus material and content in the members section.

Bonus Material

In addition to a theoretical dating blueprint, The Tao of Badass covers some other important aspects of dating and relationships in the bonus reports.

Included are 4 reports:

Escaping The Friendzone — we’ve all been there, finally some advice on how not to stay there forever.

Guide to Breaking Up — Stuck in a toxic relationship? This bonus report is perfect for you–and it’s free with the e-book.

Monogamy vs Polyamory — The Tao of Badass is not a book if you’re already quite advanced, however, you may get some valuable information from this bonus offering.

Avoiding Cheating — Getting her is one thing, keeping her is another. This bonus report includes ample advice and do’s/don’ts when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship without infidelity.

Not only does the Tao of Badass come with free bonus reports, it comes with 9 hours of video and audio content and a Banter cheat sheet. One area where the core offering lacks is explicit banter examples, well, the cheat sheet makes up for it.


The Tao of Badass + it’s bonus content is a comprehensive dating guide for beginners and some intermediate “players” as well. It’s heavy on theory, but still includes plenty of examples you can apply in real life, especially once you get access to the members section. Most of the content is not novel, but it’s a great packaging of core tried and true seduction principles that actually work which is the most important thing. If your pick up skills are already advanced, you probably don’t need this book, but for others, this classic is still highly recommended.

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