Unlock Her Legs Review

Struggling with “the one”? That one girl, either in your social circle, in your class, or even (not recommended!) at work? What about that girl you see at the gym every other day but haven’t mustered up the courage to even speak to? If you are laser focused on a specific hard to get girl, The Scrambler (Also called “Unlock Her Legs”) is a product geared for you.

Using techniques that I have personally seen work for Rob Judge, The Scrambler will show you how to re-frame that hard to attract girls view of you from the unattractive “nice guy” (See the in-depth video about it from Rob and Bobby here) to the guy she wants to get to know better, if you know what I mean. The second component of the package, the L.U.S.T system will show you how to seal the deal once you’ve got her interested.

Overall, a serious one-two punch that puts Unlock Her Legs at the top of our must have list.






  • Get that one special girl you’ve always wanted
  • Covers both theory and technique
  • Plenty of examples
  • Good for beginners and advanced
  • Addresses “nice guy” dating issues
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Effectiveness of shortcuts may make you neglect overall game development

Theory and Practice

Turning a woman from friend to lover is one of the most challenging aspects of seduction. Rob Judge and Bobby Rio tackle this difficult task in Unlock Her Legs through “The Scrambler”. A series of techniques, backed by extensive theory and psychology covered as well, that will help “re-frame” how the hard to get girl in your social circle or elsewhere views you.

That is the crux of getting a hard to get girl–subtle shifts in your actions that re-frame how she sees you–from friend, to lover.

The Scrambler, the first of two e-books included in Unlock Her Legs, is by far the best system I have seen covering this topic.

Getting out of the friend-zone, or even just getting a girl who simply sees you as a friend or as a “nice guy” but otherwise unattractive, is chock full of challenges. However, Rob Judge and Bobby Rio’s Scrambler shows you how to overcome these, and also explains the psychology of why it all works, which will allow you to adapt the techniques to your own situation.

Rob Judge has been using these techniques for years, getting all sorts of women into bed with him that formally viewed him as “just a friend”, if that. I’ve been copying his techniques to do the same–so I know that that stuff works. The truth is, I’m surprised Rob and Bobby Rio haven’t kept these secrets to themselves or at least made this program a bit more difficult to get access to. They cover a lot more about the Scrambler in their video you can watch here. On to part 2 of the system.

The L.U.S.T. System

Unlock Her Legs isn’t just about re-framing her perception of you–it’s also about how to seal the deal. That’s where the L.U.S.T. System comes into play. Changing her perception is not enough, you’ve also got to know what to do once you made yourself a potential suitor and not just a friend or worse, irrelevant. The L.U.S.T. System address that next step.

I’ve seen the L.U.S.T. System develop over the years and I can attest to it’s effectiveness. What’s also great about it is that it applies to any girl that you manage to get out on a date–not just ones that you used “The Scrambler” on.

While it might be a bit of a confusing segue since the L.U.S.T. System doesn’t really hinge on a fair amount of The Scrambler material, in the end it’s a positive because unlike The Scrambler which is really focused on getting that one specific girl, the L.U.S.T. System is more universally applicable–you can benefit from this e-book if still just playing the field.

It also covers one of the more difficult areas of seduction that many guys struggle with: Getting her to come home with you after a date. The examples, techniques, and litmus tests, such as “sexual snowballing” and “time bombs” are powerful additions to any man’s dating arsenal.

Bonus Material

When you order Unlock Her Legs, you also get access to plenty of Bonus Material. Included are e-books that cover topics ranging from texting, attracting women who have boyfriends, conversation help, and more–6 total extra e-books. There’s also a long interview between Rob and another dating expert on how to physically escalate “under the radar”. I am big proponent of “under the radar” approaches because they work well for men who are not physically attractive and equally well for men who are. The bonus interview gets into the weeds on how to escalate under the radar effectively.

A Warning to Absolute Beginners

Most beginners are typically hung up on a particular girl–it may be what is drawing you to Unlock Her Legs. However, while Unlock Her Legs (The Scrambler in particular) is super effective at getting that special girl you have your sights set on, it should not be used as a crutch in lieu of developing your overall game. Don’t forget to improve your overall seduction ability in addition to using The Scrambler on hard to get women.


Hands down the most effective “oneitis” cure on the market, Unlock Your Legs is a must have if you have your sights set on a certain someone who doesn’t share the same feelings at the moment. In addition to The Scrambler, The L.U.S.T System will show you how, once you’ve re-framed her views of you and got her interested, to seal the deal–kiss her, bed her, or even make her your girlfriend. I’ve seen Rob Judge use the techniques here time and time again (well before he and Bobby Rio decided to share the system; even before it was a complete system!) and they are as effective as anything I have witnessed in nearly twenty years in the game.

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